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Market trends show that wellness centres are ever more in demand, especially in the medium and upper-market ranges. This means that modern high-end spas must be prepared to offer more demanding, high quality standards and a competitive range of wellness services required by this market share.

OVM has been structured to fully cater for this market demand. In fact, within its organisation structure, we pride ourselves on our own “Research and Quality Department” and a special “Creative Laboratory” where operative strategies, exclusive treatments and massages as yet unknown are developed.OVM also externally collaborates with renowned Italian pharmaceutical and herbal laboratories, which produce just for us exclusive and customised signature product lines, thus allowing us to offer branded packaging as well.Some examples among OVM treatments, offering particular care in quality and exclusivity, are the Candle Massage (candles are exclusively produced for us and are 100% made of natural ingredients, predominantly shea butter), and the Aurea del Mare Massage (a specific oil created and produced exclusively for OVM is used for this particular massage).

OVM blends the traditions of Bali Spas with the latest breakthroughs in wellness, not only from a product-offering point of view, but also with state-of-the-art equipment that uses the most up-to-date technologies available on the market today. In 2006 we introduced in our spas the presence of a Spa Doctor: highly-qualified and experienced doctors who offer guests the opportunity of having a health diagnosis with personalised programmes. This allowed us to also introduce specific medical equipment, which guests will be able to safely take advantage of with the professional assistance of the Spa Doctor.

OVM offers the uniqueness and signature quality of a true Balinese Wellness Centre, and is now also transforming into a qualified true Professional Beauty Clinic.Quality for Ocean View Monaco, does not only relate to products, or technical/medical equipment. Our effort of offering high-level, high-quality and cutting edge services would not have the same value if OVM personnel was not carefully selected and trained. We pride ourselves for the organisation and management of vocational Academies of specialisation in strategic areas of the world where an excellent level of professional technique has now been reached (Bali, Cuba, Brazil, and Eastern Europe).Our Academy courses not only teach the necessary skills to perform the art, but also ensure that OVM staff members become familiar and acknowledged with all the spa rules and working requirements (such as customer service and methodologies of work).

OVM is unique in its organisational structure. This guarantees an exclusive, high standard service (even in very large wellness centres).


The meaning of well-being seems to run parallel with the company’s continual evolution. Guests require more specific needs and we intend to satisfy them by taking good care of them with the aid of our professional know-how, innovation and quality.

Very successful, and a main hallmark among our innovative new proposals, certainly is the introduction of the Spa Doctors. Their treatments are so much popular, that they are now even broader than the ones offered in OVM traditional spa menu.

Electroporation treatments are among the most innovative programmes introduced. This new electro-medical equipment utilises a Nobel-winner technology (2003): specific electric frequency (electroporation, a transdermal administration method) enables the active ingredients to penetrate to the desired depth ensuring lasting and visible anti-ageing results from the very first session. This methodology is not invasive, painless and without collateral effects. The equipment uses pulsating faradic current with triangular envelopment, causing the opening of water channels located in cell membranes, hence allowing the circulation of active ingredients directly in the dermis without the use of needles. The development of this equipment is based on the research of the two 2003 Nobel prize winners Peter Angre and Roderick Mackinnon who discovered that particular electric waves are able to create electro-sensible channels, called Hydrophilic Macroporous, outside of the physiological ones, increasing skin permeability by 80%. It uses particularly intensive square waves that allow channelling pharmaceutical ingredients up to 90% and up to a 10 cm (4 inches) depth up to 8 micron.

Macroporous are then able to easily channel even big molecules without having to use any kind of additional tool, neither gel or ice, just the pharmaceutical ingredient. This methodology of treatment is fully compatible with the exposure to sunlight, guaranteeing a visible and immediate result without having to interrupt typical holiday social activities, and most of all it is free of any kind of traumatic collateral effects.

The effectiveness of electroporation treatments is not only due to the state-of-the-art technology, but also to the high quality products utilised by our staff. We exclusively use cosmeceutical products (OVM partners with Laboratorio Speziali Laurentiani and Terme Antica Querciolaia), which are cosmetic products containing high-level amounts of biologically active ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, and anti-radical molecules).

In the past years we’ve been among the first spas to introduce the line of the evergreen and very efficient radio-frequency treatments (introduced for the first time in 2006 at the MSC Musica inauguration), and the treatments that use a combination of ultrasound and electro-stimulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and immediately tone the skin.


OVM is continuously introducing new offerings within the existing traditional spa menu, ensuring that our spas are cutting edge and competitive.

Natural Body Treatments

Harmony Suite Rituals: For couples wishing to indulge in the pleasure of a personalised treatment session together, we introduced a series of sumptuous and luxurious rituals in the comfort and privacy of a dedicated Suite (March 2013, MSC Preziosa christening).
Rituals include: The Thermal Ritual, The Thalasso Ritual, The Body & Mind Relax Ritual and The Ultimate Deluxe Thermal Ritual.

Himalayan Dream, Pure Body: we just finished creating and producing a body scrub, body cream and massage cream, primarily made of rare Himalayan Mountains fossil salts, to be combined with the use of a newly added special Himalaya Venus crystal bed (2012, MSC Divina christening).
On this wellness bed, the guest lies down over original Himalayan salt crystals, hence utilising the unique properties of the halotherapy (from Greek halos: salt), which detoxifies and heals respiratory and skin related problems. Himalayan salt crystals are completely natural, free of additives or polluting elements, and are rich of bioenergetics levels, minerals and trace elements.
This bed reproduces a marine aerosol environment: in fact it contains 130 kg (286 pounds) of salt that is usually warmed up to the temperature of 32° C (89.6° F), but can reach 40° C (104° F) depending on the treatment performed.
The salt is located in a special stainless steel tub underneath which there is a circuit of water warmed up by a boiler; this system keeps the guest’s body well separated by any electric plate or resistance, protecting it from any chance of magnetic field and ensuring a very high level of security. On the bottom of the bed a high intensity led system performs chromotherapy in a homogeneous way over the guest’s entire body. The crystal salts neutralise any electro-magnetic frequency existing in the space; the air accumulates positive charge whose frequencies have beneficial effects against stress, sleeplessness, low concentration problems and free radicals.

Aurea del Mare, Body Thalasso Treatment:another OVM exclusive treatment, utilising not only cutting edge beauty products containing active ingredients such as seaweeds, but the ultimate Venus Easy hot water bed which combines its fluid heating technique to colour therapy.


Himalayan Dream: massage with fossil salts from the Himalayas (2010, MSC Magnifica christening).

Aurea del Mare: massage with sea shells and oils especially drawn from sea beds (2009, MSC Splendida christening).

Candle Massage: A multi-sensory massage that uses special massage candles made of vegetable butters, 100% natural (2008, MSC Fantasia christening).

The above massages have been studied and developed in our “Research and Quality Department”, making them not only one-of-a-kind and a novelties in their specific area, but also of a very high level of quality.

Salon Services

Recently added is the newly invented semi-permanent gel nail polish, which gives the same result of the popular and classical acrylic gel, but at a much lower cost.


Newly introduced is the exclusive “Barber Shop”, which now completes and increases the number of services exclusively dedicated to men.

Also new entry is the exclusive line of rituals created by L’Oréal Shu Uemura. This not only increases the number of high-end and high-quality signature hair products offered in our hair dressing salons, but introduces a whole new range of special and elaborate hair wellness and beauty rituals.