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In an industry where the people behind a company are as important as the company itself, meet who’s behind OVM’s success.


Vittorio is the founder and leader of OceanView Monaco. Since the beginnings he has been eating, sleeping and breathing fashion, wellness and beauty.

Vittorio constantly collaborated with international brands, building long time and trustworthy connections with the leading companies in their own field (hair products, cosmetics, etc).

He is the pioneer of the idea of revolutionising the traditional orientation of on board spas, and created an innovative and forward-looking new on board spa system in 1994.

“Spas on board of cruise ships were offering an out-dated concept of services: only a limited and a very basic selection of aesthetic and hairdressing services were offered.”

From this statement, Vittorio thought of a spa that could offer well being services at 360°: distinctive locations and “precious” environments would be integral part of an evolved spa, anticipating what, with time, became the common trend in the international world of psycho-physical treatments.

“A cruise, or a holiday in general, is a time taken not only for leisure and amusement, but also for your own well being and for an extra care of your look and psycho-physical shape.”

After several trips to different Oriental destinations, Vittorio makes up his mind: he wants his spas to have and offer the true, original and traditional Balinese style. Bali is where he stopped the longest because he immediately felt that the island inhabitants are the happiest population in the world. He also discovers that big part of their culture is to devotedly take care of others.

“When I discovered that mothers massage their babies to have them fall asleep, I had no more doubts: well being originates from these enchanting places.”

He immediately and pro-actively started to accrue recruitment agencies, working in collaboration with the local Ministry of Employment, in order to allow Balinese therapists to be able to work on board of cruise ships.

“It was clear to me that, if I was able to reach out to these human resources, I would have found the top of quality, professional service, and skill-sets for my spas. No one else in the world is able to convey, with the same love, tenderness and professionalism, the art of massage and the art of beauty and well being treatments, as a Balinese therapist.”

Another revolutionary concept that Vittorio pioneered was bringing the presence of a doctor in the world of on board spas: a spa doctor who can offer aesthetic medicine treatments: “holidays have the power to relax you and rejuvenate you, but why not giving our guests an extra help with real and effective medical/aesthetic treatments?”

That was the beginning of a new search and accrual of spa doctors, which found the best results in Cuba (thanks to a developing and profitable collaboration with the Cuban government).

The island of Cuba revealed itself to be home of very talented and professionally trained people, especially fitness instructors (they all hold a Bachelor in Physical Education) – “Cubans have music in their blood… I challenge anyone to move and dance in the same way they do! Their dance classes are sensational!” – and hair stylists – “there’s a very long tradition of this profession in Cuba and it has been stimulating and satisfying to organise and create local training centres where to develop and grow their knowledge and talent”.

“We’ve been the absolute first ones in the world to have, on board of cruise ships, a true and original Balinese spa and a professional spa doctor; thanks to this initial innovative concept, and together with my valuable collaborators with whom I shared, elaborated and improved my ideas, we are today leaders in the 5 star luxury well being industry.”


LAURA SAVINA, Head of Operations

Laura has been an integral and key figure of OVM’s team for the past 20 years.

She manages the commercial side taking care of all necessary purchases and building long lasting relationships with the suppliers.

Laura also coordinates the operations aspect, managing relationships with the central office and the recruitment office.


ROBERTO LADISI, Supervisor & Corporate Trainer


Roberto starts his career in the wellness and spa world in 1998. He attends the Academy in Rome where he takes massage, meditation and massage anatomy courses.

In 1999 he starts his hands on experience as a masseure after being recruited onboard of cruise ships; 3 years after he’s already broadening his experience as a massage therapist by working for offshore Hotels in high-end wellness centres.

He eventually becomes director of start ups and follow ups of renowned spas such as Tombolo Thalasso Resort & Hotel in Marina Castagneto Carducci (Livorno, Italy) and Casanova Spa at Hotel Cipriani (Venice, Italy).

Since 2006 he exclusively collaborates with Ocean View Monaco in the role of Supervisor & Corporate Trainer. He takes care of the creation and development of all “signature” massages and treatments, he supervisions all OVM onboard spas ensuring that they thoroughly follow OVM standards and protocol procedures. He’s also responsible and directly involved in OVM’s final recruitment selections of onboard therapists.