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After running a very quick Bio-test, which collects and verifies some basic data (i.e. amount of fat mass, lean mass and liquids), the Spa Doctor will draw a programme of beauty, health and nutritional treatments, specific to the guest’s personal needs.

ACTIVE PRESS: Pressure-Point Therapy – 1/3/6 sessions, 35’ each

Safe and effective, Active Press is a 15 years old technologically advanced medical equipment that delivers an essential treatment for a deep, controlled lymphatic drainage massage. This technique is used to combat cellulite, water retention, oedemas, and lower extremity fatigue, which result from slow lymph/blood circulation. Pressure is not practiced on all surface covered by the leggings, but with a specific centripetal sequence, which is the one followed by the blood circulation and by the lymph. Active Press allows the Spa Doctor to perform a wide range of different relative and specific personalised programmes. Very popular because of its simplicity, its visible and immediate benefits, and the overall relaxing feeling of wellness that guests experience. Pressure-point therapy also allows applying complimentary synergies of specific essential oils, with draining effects that can be applied manually or with special bandages. There is visible improvement after only a few sessions.

Electroporation (new!)

Science and technology are combined to create an innovative, comprehensive anti-aging treatment. Electroporation treatments are among the most innovative programmes introduced. This new electro -medical equipment utilises a Nobel-winner technology (2003): specific electric frequency (electroporation, a transdermal administration method) enables the active ingredients to penetrate to the desired depth ensuring lasting and visible anti-ageing results from the very first session.

This methodology is not invasive, painless and without collateral effects. The equipment uses pulsating faradic current with triangular envelopment, causing the opening of water channels located in cell membranes, hence allowing the circulation of active ingredients directly in the dermis without the use of needles. The development of this equipment is based on the research of the two 2003 Nobel prize winners Peter Angre and Roderick Mackinnon who discovered that particular electric waves are able to create electro-sensible channels, called Hydrophilic Macroporous, outside of the physiological ones, increasing skin permeability by 80%. It uses particularly intensive square waves that allow channelling pharmaceutical ingredients up to 90% and up to a 10 cm (4 inches) depth up to 8 micron. Macroporous are then able to easily channel even big molecules without having to use any kind of additional tool, neither gel or ice, just the pharmaceutical ingredient.

This methodology of treatment is fully compatible with the exposure to sunlight, guaranteeing a visible and immediate result without having to interrupt social activities, and most of all it is free of any kind of traumatic collateral effect.

Anti-Age – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

Bio-revitalisation: to give better compactness and luminosity to face/neck/hands.

Lifting Effect – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

A visible and lasting skin-tensor effect for facial lines; increases the tone and elasticity of the skin and underlying tissues.

Filler Effect – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

This filling treatment targets expression lines without using syringes and needles.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

A specific decontracting and smoothing effect for regular and expression wrinkles on the face and neck.

Hydrating Effect – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

For better skin comfort; regulates the water-salt balance of the skin.

Oedematous Cellulite Treatment – 1/2/3 sessions, 60’ each

Anti- Cellulite Treatment For Localised Fat – 1/2/3 sessions, 60’ each

Treatment For Fragile Capillaries – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

A visible reduction of visible capillaries.

Treatment For Stretch Marks – 1/2/3 sessions, 60’ each

For a real improvement of skin marks.

Bust Firming And Toning Treatment – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

For a visibly firmer and more toned look.

Pigment-Lightening Effect – 1/2/3 sessions, 30’ each

Medical treatment for age and sun-exposure spots.


In tune with your body to improve your image, Q-Frequency is a face-lifting treatment and anti-cellulite/slimming body treatment.

It is an exceptional technological innovation to fight imperfections caused by cellulite, local adiposities, face and body sagging skin, stretch marks, wrinkles and acne.

The fast and immediately visible improvement of skin tissues is achieved thanks to the biocompatible energy transfer, which reaches – passing through the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis – the cells affected by imperfections and stimulates them to release toxins and superfluous liquids bringing them to a new ideal balance.

Acting directly on both deep (q-frequency system based on capacitive electric transfer) and surface (q-frequency system based on resistive electric transfer) collagen, the results on skin elasticity and toning are visible after the first few sessions, as it is the immediate and lasting anti-age face-lifting effect, leaving you with a younger and more relaxed appearance.




MYA ADVANCE: toning, slimming, re-shaping –1/3 sessions, 40’ each

A treatment that combines ultrasounds and electro-stimulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and immediately tone your skin.

This treatment is a real alternative to body-sculpting techniques, while meeting the highest safety and physiological compatibility standards. The system is unique in the quality and effectiveness of its technology.

The technique is spot-specific, ensuring a real and long-lasting re-sculpt of treated areas. The results, unmatched by any other slimming programmes, are visible within a few sessions, giving you slimmer, firmer, and rejuvenated tissue.

ACUPUNCTURE – 1/2/3 sessions

Acupuncture, a modern and deeply rooted therapy of ancient Chinese medical practice, has been officially recognised by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an effective integrative therapy. It has become popular because it is fast acting, highly effectiveness. Particularly recommended for relieving and healing anxiety/stress, arterial hypertension, neck, shoulder and muscle pain, sleep disorders, fatigue/tiredness, lumbar and joint pains.


YOUTH – LIGHTNESS: face & body rejuvenation

1 MYA (body) + 1 Active Press + 1 Q-Frequency (facial)

LINFATIC RELAX: special treatment for fatigued legs

2 Active Press + 1 MYA (body)

IN SHAPE ENERGY: body reshaping and energising

2 Active Press + 2 MYA (body)

BEAUTY GALA: lifting effect for special occasions

2 Q-Frequency (facial/neck) + 2 Active Press


3 Q-Frequency (anti-age lifting treatment) + 2 Electroporation (anti-aging treatment)

PERFECT FACE SKIN PACKAGE: anti-imperfections facial treatment

3 Q-Frequency (anti-age lifting treatment) + 1 Electroporation (anti-spot facial treatment) + 2 Electroporation (anti-aging treatment)