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SEA AND VOLCANOES: slimming and anti-cellulite – 80’

A complete body treatment that uses mud and enriched creams to reduce the appearance of cellulite; also beneficial for those following weight-loss programmes.

A natural, invigorating coffee scrub softly cleanses the parts of your body requiring treatment, then they are covered by a thin coat of sea mud whose active principles will be enhanced by the successive pleasant and relaxing Vichy shower. Your body is now ready for the slimming massage, which will leave your skin healthy, revitalised, toned and visibly firmer.

The Balinese rituals used by our skilled therapists offer a moment of enjoyable relaxation throughout the whole treatment.

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moisturising and restorative – 80’

A Thalasso treatment that uses the exceptionally hydrating active ingredients of seaweed and micronutrients, and an excellent after-sun treatment because of its moisturising and restoring results.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Orient with an aromatic scrub (scented with flowers, coffee or tropical fruit essences), a Vichy shower (that gently prepares your body for the application of the seaweeds), infrared lights and steam (that aid your skin to efficiently absorb the nutritional elements), and, to complement all of the above, a brief massage.

This body treatment will leave your skin soft and moisturised, and thanks to the massage, also firm and scented.

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regenerating – 20’

Marine and aromatic body exfoliation – an excellent pre-sun treatment.

Q-Age is the ideal method for rebalancing your body’s energy. This professional and multifunctional system offers a wide range of aesthetic services for eliminating most physical imperfections and caring for your overall well-being.

Balinese Aroma treatment combines steam (to eliminate toxins), infrared (beneficial and active to reactivate your metabolic processes), Vichy shower (pleasant and relaxing), and aromatherapy (with the use of a beneficial mix of essential oils). A gentle vibration, that will give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation, accompanies all of the above treatments.

relaxing mind and body – Body & Facial – 90’

A perfect pre-sun treatment. It’s a complete aroma therapeutic treatment designed to provide a feeling of absolute relaxation and renew your skin, immediately making it more luminous and softer to the touch. It combines a traditional Balinese massage with the beneficial effects of traditional Indonesian products.

Let yourself be intoxicated by the scent of flowers, coffee, coconut or sea salts combined with precious oils. You will be captivated by the massage that made Bali world-famous. This treatment was once reserved for royals and performed the night before their wedding.

ideal for dry skin – Body & Facial – 90’

A complete after-sun treatment designed to rehydrate your skin, especially after prolonged sun exposure, or for skins that tend to become dry quickly.

This treatment helps your tan to last longer. It uses products from the luxurious Orient, where year-round sunshine makes nourishing moisturising treatments a necessity, keeping skin healthy, supple, glowing and wonderfully soft.

BALI LUXURY MEN TREATMENT – Body & Facial – 75’/90’

Complete body/facial treatment. The traditional Balinese four-hand massage, using heady aromas of the most exclusive and prized male fragrances, will give you a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation. This is followed by a traditional aromatic body treatment and a specifically male-designed facial treatment for skin (suitable for even the most exigent skin types).

re-mineralising and moisturising – 60’

A complete body scrub, with a peeling made from 100% natural seaweeds and sea salt. This prepares your skin in readiness for the mineralising algae body mask, which leaves you feeling bright, fresh and deeply relaxed.

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slimming and anti-cellulite – 60’

Natural, localised body scrub, with a peeling made from poppy flowers, grape seeds and sea salt. Your skin becomes soft and elastic, reducing the effects of cellulite. The all-over body mask application is followed by an anti-cellulite massage.

super-moisturising body & facial – 60’

This rose, geranium and marigold scented natural body scrub prepares the body for a super-moisturising body mask, giving the lucky recipient luminous skin tones. The treatment concludes with a moisturising facial treatment.

relaxing body & facial – 90’

A lavender body peel, followed by a body mask that ease you of your tensions and relax the entire body. Then the supple hands of our Balinese masseuses take over, with a 45-minute body massage, ending with a facial treatment that lasts for half an hour.

purifying and draining – 75’ (new!)

A full-body halotherapy treatment that brings you the many benefits of Himalayan fossil salts thanks to the exclusive Himalaya Venus crystal salt bed, which envelops you in an unforgettable multisensory experience. It is particularly suitable for combating water retention, the unsightly effects of cellulite, and in combination of dietary and detoxifying programmes.

Can be combined with the “Himalayan Dream Massage” to provide an even more effective result and a deeper sense of relaxation.

The iodine and the positively charged iodine generated by warmed up salt, make it, with no doubt, a pure wellness treatment and an effective thalassotherapy treatment.

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massage with fossil salts from the Himalayas – 45’ (new!)

A massage delivered using rare fossil salts from the Himalayan Mountains. Your body will thrill to the draining and exfoliating effects of the ionizing salts. Warm oils suffuse the skin, giving you a deep sense of contentment.

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hydrating with seaweed and sea salts – 75’

A full-body thalassotherapy treatment using the Venus Easy hot water bed for the ultimate in relaxation thanks to its fluid heating technique combined with the benefits of colour therapy. Active ingredients from the sea, trace elements and mineral salts will moisturise your skin, leaving it silky soft and radiant.

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An exclusive and luxurious ritual treatment for the couple. To make our guests’ holiday even more memorable, they can enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy, together with the magical Oriental rituals, in the complete privacy of a marvellous wellness suite overlooking the sea.

Two Balinese therapists will welcome guests with the traditional Balinese footbath. Then guests will be invited to enjoy the aromatic whirlpool bath (hydro massage), containing weeds that will nourish and hydrate the skin. At the end of the treatment herbal tea is served.

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purifying and anti-cellulite – 30’ (new!)

A whirlpool spa bath infused with sea salt grains, vegetable extracts, essential oils and other active ingredients. Particularly effective in the early stages of cellulite formation, it restores the skin’s natural softness, radiance and purity.

firming and anti-cellulite – 60’ (new!)

A firming, moisturising clay body mask protects, tones and increases tissue oxygenation, making the subsequent salt clay whirlpool bath even more effective. A great way to combat the first visible signs of cellulite, that helps the skin regain its smoothness and lustre!

detoxifying and anti-age – 60’ (new!)

This defensive shield for the skin uses malachite, known for its protective, detoxifying and anti-ageing properties. Recommended following exposure to sun and salt, the treatment comprises a body scrub, malachite mask and a massage with malachite body cream.


Le Body Morphologiste – 60’

Slimming effect treatment that uses a specifically designed catabolic massage. For a redefined and toned silhouette, day after day.

Le Body Immersion – 60’

A unique hydro-nutritive ritual using a Grand-Flux massage. The skin’s moisture balance is restored leaving the skin feeling toned.

Le Body French Legs – 20’

A pre-depilatory and beauty-boosting ritual. Exfoliation, followed by a ‘fuselage’ massage, and then a French Legs self-tanning application. Legs are smooth, tapered and golden – perfect for miniskirts.


Sauna, steam room (Turkish bath), frigidarium, whirlpool with hydro massage, and relax room.

Health and beauty rituals designed to satisfy your need of relaxation. These treatments purify your body of toxins, eliminate fat and cellulite and improve your circulation, while enveloping you in the relaxing aromas of Balinese essential oils. Enjoy the feeling of total well-being that this treatment provides.

Steam Sauna (or Turkish Bath)
Whirlpool with Hydro Massage
Finnish Sauna
Relaxation Areas