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Bring the benefits of a spa experience home with you. Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalise your skin, and refine your body with Ocean View Monaco’s selected products.


Lavishly appointed Wellness Centres situated on board of MSC Cruises ships, MSC Aurea Spas offer a vast range of health and beauty treatments, developed exclusively from, and fully managed by OVM.

Massages and treatments are, by majority, performed using specifically and exclusively developed and produced cosmetic beauty products. A complete line, ranging from massage oils, rare fragrances, cosmeceutical creams, luxurious aromatic candles, to exceptional fine teas, is available for purchase, allowing guests to enjoy and prolong the relaxing benefits experienced during their visit.

OVM proudly develops and produces MSC AUREA SPA’s exclusive and superior-quality aromatherapy and massage candles (with the collaboration of our Research and Quality Department).

Exclusively produced in-house they are 100% made of natural ingredients, predominantly vegetable shea butter. The aromas are therapeutic and originally imported from Bali. Exclusive flower and herbal fragrances will contribute to create an intense and magical scent that will pervade spaces with ambience and relaxing atmosphere.

Aromatherapy is well known for the practice of using natural oils, extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant, to enhance psychological and physical well-being. A form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is gaining momentum. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.

Let our therapists suggest which candle best suites your needs.



Two ultimate product lines – one dedicated to the face and one to the body – coupled with new OVM facial and body rituals. The Rituals combine the mechanical action of the therapist’s hands with the biological action of Kéraskin Esthetics products. For the first time, the efficiency of this Kéraskin Esthetics techno-professional synergy has been scientifically proven.

With Kéraskin Esthetics guests benefit from the perfect treatment to reveal the unique beauty of their skin. The Kérafacialist prescribes the ideal personal treatment to be carried out at home: transform skin in record time. See, touch, feel, and measure this sublime metamorphosis for days, months, years.



Terme Antica Querciolaia’s cosmetic line is a synergy of natural active principles and comes from the most advanced research and the experience of their staff. A complete product line that nourishes and protects the skin for a deep moisturising effect and for cell bio-revitalisation that can contrast the action of free radicals.

All products are guaranteed by their laboratories and are dermatologically tested.

– Clay Shampoo
– Clay Face Mask
– Face Chromo-Clay Mask
– Ultra-Delicate Thermal Skin Detergent
– Revitalising Face Fluid
– Energising Leg Gel
– Deep Moisturising Body Oil
– Deeply Nourishing Eye Contour
– Regenerating Make-Up Remover
– Face Super-Moisturiser
– Clay Salts Bath
– Thalassic-Thermal Scrub



Rich of mineral salts and active principles, these products carry powerful therapeutic properties making them not only a high-quality cosmetic spa line, but products that also own unique and effective pharmaceutical properties. The company is successfully focused on a scientific-medical dogma.



The Collistar brand has always stood out for its pioneering approach in developing specialties, offering avant-garde solutions for women and men alike: face, body, hair, make-up, food supplements, sun care products, self-tanners, aromatherapy products and fragrances.



Pure Actives – the same active principles used in cosmetic medicine (youth molecules) made available in their purest form.

Special Normal and Dry Skins – a series of ‘active’ specialties that not only moisturise but also stimulate the physiological processes in charge of maintaining the skin natural water balance.

Special Combination and Oily Skins – to guarantee a smooth, silky face without shiny areas.

Special Hypersensitive Skins – the line of advanced dermatological research created for sensitive, reactive and couperose skin.

Special First Wrinkles – a line which would act in advance to prevent the formation of the first wrinkles, but also take immediate action to “nip in the bud” the first signs of skin ageing.

Perfecta® – A revolutionary line of “active” specialties which fights skin ageing. Restructures the skin texture, redensifies the tissues in depth, re-compacts the collagen, elastin and fibronectin fibres.

Magnifica® – Absolute Anti-Age Treatment, it restores the architecture of the skin with a dual dermal-filling and repairing action.



Special Perfect Body – a super-complete line with highly effective and specific formulas to have a toned and smoothed physique that is always in top shape.

Anticellulite Strategy – Leader in anti-cellulite treatments since ever, Collistar offers ‘made-to-measure’ treatments according to the different types of cellulite.

Salon Treatments – a series of highly advanced “professional” products.