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    In addition to an excellent customer satisfaction index, attained as a result of a very high-level quality service (5/6 stars), Ocean View Monaco also knows how to achieve a considerable commercial success. Our clients want to have a customised spa that is also a profit centre and improves the marketability and profitability of their core business.

    Let’s analyse some of the factors that ensure the endorsement of our success and consequently our clients’ satisfaction.

    Authentic Balinese Spa

    The magic of Balinese rituals and the exclusive presence of qualified native therapists make our spas an authentic Bali experience, offering guests a unique and unforgettable opportunity to re-energise their body while pervading the soul with a sense of peace and calm.

    Our traditional massages and our signature treatments (body, facials, aesthetics, etc.) immerse you in the magical rituals of Oriental wisdom.

    Careful and attentive
    selection + training
    of our staff

    We recruit our team members in Bali (being true to our core philosophy to be a true, original Balinese spa) and in the rest of the world (specifically in strategic countries where an excellent level of professional technique has now been reached: Cuba, Brazil and Eastern Europe for hairdressers, aestheticians, nail technicians, fitness trainers, spa doctors and managers), where we are locally expanding our vocational Academies of Specialisation and high-level hotel schools for guest reception.

    It is because of this type of organisation that we are able to successfully manage the big turnover of on board personnel and guarantee the high-level standard of quality we’ve become to be known for.

    To furthermore ensure and maintain functionality, efficiency, and standardised quality of all our wellness centres, we regularly send onboard Italian supervisors who check improvements and maintenance of all set objectives.

    Personnel motivation through incentives and objectives

    We believe that one of OVM biggest strengths comes from our people. We want our team members to share our mission and goals, and we want them to be motivated to grow together with us.

    Focus on
    Quality + Innovation

    Our product offering combines the Balinese spa tradition to the latest cutting edge innovations in the wellness world regarding equipment and products. One of our biggest breakthroughs has been the fact of being the first company to introduce the presence of an on board qualified Spa Doctor, who not only offers exclusive beauty-medical treatments, but executes them with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology.

    When it comes to quality, we not only pride ourselves on our own “Research and Quality Department” and a special “Creative Laboratory” where operative strategies, exclusive treatments and massages as yet unknown are developed, but we also partner up with selected world leading brands to ensure that we use (for our treatments) and we sell only the best in the beauty realm (i.e. L’Oréal Shu Uemura, L’Oréal Kérastase, L’Oréal Kéraskin Esthetics, Collistar, Adidas and many more).

    The way we look at wellness, complements the perpetual evolution of our company; our guests expect higher and more exclusive quality services, and we want to take care of them with knowledge and expertise.

    One-of-a-kind services that make OVM stand out from the competition

    As a result of a market analysis of spa services offered by cruise lines, OVM services outnumber competitors’ from several business aspects:

    Massages OVM offers 21 different types of massages, compared to 10 offered from competition. Only 6 of these are similar, while OVM introduces at least 3 original and innovative massages (Candle Massage, Aurea del Mare, and Himalayan Dream). The originality of these massages is guaranteed by the fact that they have been conceived and developed in our own Research and Quality Department.

    Facial Treatments OVM offers 7 different treatments, compared to 5 offered from competition.

    Body Treatments OVM offers 11 different treatments, compared to 6 offered from competition. All OVM body treatments are executed with products that are exclusively created in collaboration with renowned pharmaceutical and herbal laboratories, as a matter of fact we also brand them with our clients’ branded packaging.

    OVM innovative and exclusive treatments:

    A full-rounded managerial collaboration with clients and partners

    Our organisation is directly involved in the coordination and operational activity of the hotel, the reception, the management of guests during their stay, the marketing activities and restaurants.

    Along with them we develop marketing materials, institutional brochures, catalogues, video and images for print and television advertising campaigns.

    If significant, we can actively participate, with the firm of Architects appointed from our clients, to the actual design and plan of the wellness spaces (as of today, our spas are from 1,000 to 2,000 m2).

    We also extend our marketing efforts by involving different departments, part of our client’s structure, to develop new ideas and present fresh offers. One example of a recent marketing collaboration involves MSC’s Food & Beverage department: we created a brand new project called “Enjoy the Colour”. This programme aims to provide guests with a holistic wellness experience: Spa, Spa-themed bar and restaurant are interactive with each other as a result of the combination of drinks, cocktails, and food to spa treatments using the colours that define the organoleptic properties of foods as their connecting link.

    Market analysis
    – Focus on spa

    We are constantly reviewing and researching professional market analysis reports in order to be always aware and considerate of any market shift or particular strengths or opportunities that may arise.

    Recent surveys on the wellness market show that customers are mainly divided into 2 categories: the biggest share consists of people looking for holidays into amenities (cruises, resorts or hotels) that can also offer a spa service. The second category, smaller but steadily growing, consists of people looking specifically for a spa-centric holiday.

    These survey results show that luxurious and modern spas need to invest their efforts into offering these particular customers a high-level quality of services and the most complete, advanced, and innovative treatments.

    Our structure and corporate vision has been based upon this goal from the get-go.

    Flexibility to adjust our offer to different market needs

    OVM services guests who come from all over the world (Russia, Turkey, Japan, China, Switzerland and many others) and who obviously come with diverse needs. We recognise this need and we teach our personnel to adjust the service accordingly. Also, each country in which we operate has diverse market needs; because of our ability to adjust accordingly, we constantly reach set budget targets all over the world (Europe, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Caribbean, and South Africa).

    We aspire to show the potentials of our company to new partners. If you’re interested in collaborating with our growing organisation, please contact us through the form below.