Spa Management  |  Monaco, MC

course outline

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Learn about the human body and how to effectively work with it to provide guests lifestyle improvements and health enhancements through professionally administered spa services.
Students will be provided with detailed hands-on studies of anatomy, industry practices, and ethics. Below is an overall course outline:

  • Social Science
  • Spa Theory
  • Human Anatomy
  • The Therapist (hygiene, attitude to client, professional ethics)
  • The Guest
  • Housekeeping/Treatment & Room Appearance
  • Spa Products Knowledge
  • English for Spa/Service Sequences
  • Aromatherapy
  • OVM Standard Operations Procedures
  • Diseases & Disorders of the Skin
  • Selling Technique & Role Play
  • Nutrition and the Health of the Skin
  • Detailed Procedures of ALL Massages, Facial and Body Treatments included in OVM Menus


Being a hair care professional challenges you on so many levels: from your technical abilities, creative sense of aesthetics, interpersonal skills, time management, leadership style and entrepreneurial practices.
Below is a brief outline of our hairdressing course:

  • Anatomy of the Skin
  • Anatomy of the Hair
  • Scalp diseases
  • Chemistry and Chemical Reactions
  • Oxidation
  • Hair Products Knowledge
  • Salon Housekeeping and Hygiene
  • The Hairdresser (hygiene, attitude to client, professional ethics)
  • OVM Standard Operations Procedures
  • Detailed Procedures of ALL Hair Services included in OVM Menus