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BALI, a 5 senses experience

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Bali is one of the last earthly paradises where the culture of well-being is the fruit of an ancient tradition practiced by local people. In this Far East Oriental paradise, well-being is a must; taking care of others, transmitting gentleness and serenity, and pampering guests is considered a real form of art and is an intrinsic part of their culture and their ritual of beauty.

Ocean View Monaco Wellness Centres not only portray the Oriental style, but they actually reproduce real and authentic Bali Spas and traditions. The magical rituals of Oriental wisdom surround guests with floral fragrances of precious massage oils, offering a unique moment of pleasant relaxation.

Having spent long periods of time in Bali, we have acquired consolidated know-how and practise in the Bali culture of well-being. It is because of those enlightening and fulfilling experiences that OVM decided, more than 10 years ago, to make this magical culture the core philosophy and inspiration for our Wellness Centres.

Following the footsteps of the Bali culture, we have carefully studied even the smallest detail regarding services offered to guests. Every element contributes towards both physical and spiritual well-being; an holistic experience where all human beings’ five senses are directly involved and stimulated.

  1. TOUCH: through traditional massages and typical Bali facial and body treatments performed using natural products imported directly from the island.
  2. TASTE: through special teas and herbal teas tasting; usually offered at the end of treatments, while being pampered in complete relaxation.
  3. SMELL: through Aromatherapy and the use of specially developed natural “essential” oils that enhance psychological and physical well-being through mental relaxation and stimulation.
  4. SIGHT: through Chromotherapy, which uses electro-magnetic energy wavelengths (colours). Studies show that colours affect one’s feelings, moods, and emotions, and it is on this principle that this methodology is based.
  5. HEARING: through Music Therapy. A constant, but not invasive, deeply relaxing and carefully selected music airs across all treatment areas and all common areas of our wellness centres.

The magic of these rituals and the exclusive presence of qualified native therapists from Bali make the OVM Spa a real Bali experience, offering guests a unique and unforgettable opportunity to re-energise the body and to pervade the soul with a sense of peace and calm.

This is one of the many hallmarks that sets OVM apart from the competition.